6 Common Applications for High-Pressure Pumps

Today, there are two primary types of pressure pumps: high and low-pressure pumps. High-pressure pumps are the backbone of many industrial machines. In equipment that produces a lot of pressure, needs to be quality high-pressure pumps inside them to offer more power. It may produce up to 5,000 psi. Moreover, high-pressure pumps are made to last for years so that they can be used in different applications, such as:

High-Pressure Pumps

1. Mining

The technological advancements in coal mining have progressed for the last few years, particularly in safety and health. The high-pressure pump is one technology that performs a lot of tasks in the mining industry. It’s responsible for enhancing the aspects of mining safety. Whether below or above ground, mine safety should be a top priority for every operator. However, with ever-tightening margins, the efficiency of the pump and maintenance processes are important. Making the correct choice in terms of pump design may offer benefits for the mining sites’ efficient and safe operation.

2. Cleaning

With effective high-pressure pumps, you may build reliable and great cleaning solutions for a wide range of applications, such as LCD cleaning and parts cleaning. For example, the industrial high-pressure cleaner is a reciprocating plunger pump, which you may use to remove grease, scale, paint, and mud. It achieves this by directing a jet of water or high-pressure steam against the surface you want to clean.

3. Automotive

Car manufacturers use these pumps to generate enough pressure for an optimum mixture of fuel and air to kick-start an ignition within a short time. The main factors that drive the automotive industry pumps are the increased demand for fuel-efficient vehicles, the need to handle the effects of greenhouse gas, and the adoption of the carbon emission norms.

4. Food

High pressure allows gentle preservation of food without using heat or additives. To achieve this, food manufacturers use a pressure of around 6,000 bar. Like centrifugal and positive displacement pumps, the high-pressure pumps have also shown manufacturers how to process products without compromising their quality. Common uses for high-pressure pumps are:

  • Meat emulsions
  • Tomato sauce
  • Icing
  • Mayonnaise

5. Water Treatment

With commercial, industrial, and residential high-pressure pumps, you can treat your water with chemicals, such as soda ash, chlorine, and hydrogen peroxide. When water flows to the treatment system, the motor rotates the pump to collect the chemical you added to the solution tank. A good pump is a fast feeder, so for every 250 gallons of water, which passes the motor, your treatment system will inject one gallon of solution.

6. Cosmetics

These pumps can also be used to stabilize and maintain the quality of shampoos, beauty creams, and nail varnishes. They achieve this by maintaining uniformity and reducing particles’ size under certain conditions, such as extreme pressure, stress, and shear. The result of this is homogenous products with shelf-life.

The Takeaway!

You will find a wide range of high-pressure pumps in today’s market, which can be applied in different industries. These pumps make waste management, water treatment, food preservation, and cleaning easy to handle from commercial to domestic applications. Therefore, depending on the application, you need to choose a good pump from a reliable manufacturer or seller.

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