Benificial Effects Of Frequencies On Biological Organisms

Benificial Effects Of Frequencies On Biological Organisms 1

So, how can frequency be used to improve health? For the Cancer medical trial, they used a digital tool designed and constructed using an electrical engineer named Phillip Hoyland. This device transmitted frequency through the air in 3 exceptional electricity forms. It transmitted a light wave, a radio wave, and a plasma wave. These three distinctive energy bureaucracies had been concurrently introduced into the frame at precisely equal frequency. This frequency was chosen to be the equal frequency because of the herbal resonant frequency of the pathogen that reasons the Cancer.

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The power brought using this form alternates in polarity at the frequency being transmitted. So, the Cancer pathogen is alternately attracted and repelled by the alternating polarities of the frequency. For a reason, frequency is similar to the pathogen’s herbal resonant frequency. The pathogen vibrates “in sympathy” with the frequency being introduced and is without difficulty shaken until it disintegrates under the impact of the power. You can analyze more approximately what reasons Cancer and what others have done approximately those reasons by using E Z I N E A R T I C L E S. C O M and looking for “Cancer Cause and Removal.” In the item, you may study the five things that reason the ailment and what a few have finished approximately it.

The beauty of using frequency is that most effective, the cells having a herbal resonant frequency similar to the frequency introduced can be affected. No other cells are affected in any manner. We can goal particular make pathogens with a specific frequency and do not need to worry approximately the detrimental aspects. Because we can exchange the frequency to almost something we need, we will get the goal of almost any pathogen that we need. As long as we identify its natural resonant frequency, we can destroy it inside any biological organism without harmful facet outcomes. We can goal the smallpox virus, the commonplace cold virus, MERSA, parasites, or almost every other pathogen that we will become aware of.

But, it is no longer all. Since the frequency introduced into organism reasons minute molecular movement inside dwelling tissue, we can induce different responses. We can stimulate organs to enhance cell uptake, making body parts work quicker, improving metabolism, and rushing restore mechanisms to lessen restoration time and rejuvenate tissue. This generation is used commercially to stimulate collagen and elastin in facial tissue to reduce wrinkles and might effortlessly be used internally to supply comparable effects of rejuvenating and rebuilding frame tissue.


Some humans use this technology for emotional issues. The plasma wave generated by way of the noble gasses in the transmitting tubes is a 5th size strength shape which directly affects our 5th-dimensional spirit frame. It is used to get rid of pressure, rebalance chakras, and re-center the thoughts to recover from emotional trauma and recover the potential to cognizance and operate at the most potential. How does this affect me, you might be asking yourself. Anyone can buy a contemporary, automatic electronic system that provides frequency within the three different electricity forms previously mentioned. There are frequencies for addictions, emotional problems, normalizing body features, pain alleviation, and anti-getting old. Here are a few examples of what’s to be had:

Let’s say you want to end smoking. Frequencies for that are 84,353 and 24,314. With the system proven on the net website, all you do is type the one’s numbers inside the pc that comes with the gadget and use the computer mouse to press the “run” button. Hold the 2 plasma tubes to your palms or positioned them in your armpits and let the program run. You might also run this every time there is a choice to smoke, and it could require several weeks to be powerful. However, studies have proven it to be effective. And, we also have a frequency of alcoholism and cocaine addiction.

What when you have a hangover from too much alcohol the night time before? We have 5 frequencies for that. How approximately brain fog? A frequency of 28 is said to assist elevate the fog and 10, 12, 35, and 21242 for mental function, readability, and memory. The listing of useful programs is almost endless. There are frequencies for normalizing and balancing 30 one-of-a-kind organs or capabilities and 14 specific anti-aging features, no longer to mention frequencies for ache discount. And this listing on the site is the simplest partial list of what can be accomplished with this technology. Research is ongoing, and frequencies are delivered to the list for all styles of capabilities almost every day.

Equipment and frequencies are taken into consideration experimental and aren’t approved with the AMA or FDA aid. They are not for the reason of diagnosing, treating, preventing, or curing any ailment. If you do have a clinical condition, please see a certified medical professional.

Equipment using plasma tubes, no longer handiest, delivers the three power bureaucracy mentioned previously; however, it also grants a frequency unique micro-modern. It became found at the Einstein Medical Research Institute that a small micro-modern-day, as low as one hundred micro-amperes, can change the outer protein layer of viruses so that they cannot penetrate cells to replicate. If they cannot mirror, they can’t multiply and cause worsening of a chilly or flu. Then, the frame’s very own immune machine has time to get rid of the viruses that remain. So, it no longer works using focused on viruses with the appropriate frequency. Additionally, it works with the aid of turning in the micro-cutting-edge, which does not depend on the particular frequency to target a plague. It uses two tubes to perform this with direct pores and skin touch that capacitively connects the pores and skin to the tubes’ plasma electricity. So you get micro-modern in addition to frequency.


I love having one of these gadgets in my home in which it is a felony to apply privately to opposite consequences of getting older and help while the bloodless and flu season comes around. It’s now not a remedy for anything because licensed medical doctors are the only ones legally capable of treatment. Still, due to the alternating effective and bad polarities of the frequency delivered, it may generate many beneficial consequences.

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