BMC’s glaring failure irks Auditor General

“While it isn’t unusual motive that the Botswana Meat Commission has monetary constraints which render it difficult to honor its loan payments duties, I am irrespective of the truth that not conscious what preparations were agreed to address the only’s loans. As within the preceding one year, the compensation installment due in the three hundred and sixty-five days underneath evaluation has not been paid,” writes the Auditor General in his present day-day report.

He writes that the Botswana Meat Commission holds loans from the Fund totaling P354 000 000 and cannot honor the repayment installments due on one loan because of financial constraints plaguing the Commission. He believes that the interest income is therefore understated to the amount of the exciting detail at the unpaid installment at the same time as due.

The Auditor General notes that inside the 54th assembly of the Public Accounts Committee, in acknowledging the Commission’s hassle in meeting repayment obligations to the Fund underneath the only’s loans, the Accounting Officer had informed the Committee that Government should preserve supporting the Commission in enhancing its monetary function, however, did now not use what movement become proposed to be taken in popularity of gift-day responsibilities below these loans, Accountant General decided.

Furthermore, the Accountant General said the Government fairness contributions to Botswana Meat Commission and Botswana Vaccine Institute totaling P545 000 000 want not to have been contemplated in the Fund’s bills being more suitable to the Domestic Development Fund.

Privatization is the answer.

The Minister of Agricultural Development and Food Security, Mr. Patrick Ralotsia, has, over and over, indicated that authorities had furnished you with a preference to denationalize Lobatse abattoir with its shares being cut up among government and a private place. Kalopsia has already briefed Cabinet at the contemporary scenario at BMC to discover answers to BMC’s terrible regular essential overall performance. The minister stated that a directive was modified via Cabinet, outlining resolutions following discussions to treat the BMC situation.


This protected preserving the Maun abattoir as a central authority entity, as Batswana’s coverage that authorities ought to preserve seeking out from them. This will hold the commercial enterprise company enterprise simply, so it does now not collapse. He has furthermore said that an expression of a hobby might be issued out for the Francistown abattoir. Lobatse abattoir is predicted to slaughter 650 animals an afternoon, Francistown 380 a day, and Maun 100 and twenty a day. However, with its infrastructure designed to slaughter over three hundred animals and afternoon, the Francistown plant has to tremendous do 70.

glaring failure

He said the government’s choice to hold the Maun abattoir has emerged as presupposed to Mr. Ralotsia. They agreed that the little that Lobatse benefited might be allotted to the alternative abattoirs but have come to be proving to be unsustainable due to the cutting-edge financial scenario. The BMC Chief Executive Officer, Dr. Akolang Tombale, has furthermore referred to as for the embattled parastatal’s privatization, so you can permit incredible gamers to compete in the marketplace. Tomball said this at the very last meeting of the Parliamentary Committee on Statutory Bodies and Enterprises.

According to Tomball, liberalizing the red meat marketplace will permit greater game enthusiasts into the financial organization, and they may be pivotal to the authorities’ diversification technique. He believes Botswana has to take a leaf from Namibia and invite more game enthusiasts into the business enterprise. BMC manager isn’t always amused with the useful aid of inclinations on the BMC abattoirs at Maun and Francistown, which negatively impact the parastatals’ financials.

“Run commercially, BMC cannot perform every Francistown and Lobatse together especially for European Union (EU) marketplace. BMC Francistown and Maun now clearly is primarily based completely upon totally on BMC Lobatse for the monetary manual,” Tomball stated on time. According to its 2014 Audited Financial Report, BMC has an entire deficit for the three hundred and sixty-5 days of P9 million (2013; a surplus of P26 million and P28 million, respectively). The company enterprise’s standard liabilities and rate exceed the overall property with the useful resource of the use of P109 and P248 million, respectively.

Gov’t pumped P279 million into BDC.

Meanwhile, the Auditor General has stated the fee of investments of P1 617 286 584 is overstated thru the inclusion of P279 000 000, which is the quantity of Government fairness contribution to Botswana Development Corporation (BDC), which desires to be adjusted from the Public Debt Service Fund debts; further to P545 000 000 representing a capital contribution to 2 one-of-a-kind parastatals, and no longer transactions affecting this Fund.

GM Hybrid Vehicle Undergoing Testing By Cleveland Regional Transit Authority

In a GM records statement on February 10, 2006, the business enterprise introduced the locating out of a transit vehicle powered with the useful resource of General Motors’ hybrid era, on the way for the use of Cleveland’s BRT (Bus Rapid Transit) vehicle known as Silver Line. According to the fairly modern GM information launch, locating out is currently being completed with The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s useful resource.

The GM hybrid idea vehicle is much like the 21 cars that the Regional Transit Authority plans to shop for through the stop of 2007. The cutting-edge-day GM records announcement was well-known that Cleveland’s reasoning inside the again of choice to buy GM’s hybrid-powered automobiles is because they offer a similarly monetary gas consumption on the problem of cleaner emissions than that of traditional bus transportation.

The Silver Line is honestly one detail of The Greater Cleveland Regional Transit Authority’s drawing near Challenge, which hopes to better transit hassle via the manner of using greater environmentally notable cars, decreasing net page website on-line site visitors congestion, increasing pedestrian safety, and supporting extended improvements alongside town avenues. The venture is geared toward supplying shorter journey times for passengers in the manner to permit them to have higher get proper on getting right of entry to high school, artwork, home, clinical centers, and the city’s enjoyment sports activities sports. The present-day GM statistics statement well-known as the plan to have the Silver Line simply operational in 2008.

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