Computer education: Summer camp offers fun, hands-on learning

ONTARIO — The first of eleven summer time camps that are being presented at Treasure Valley Community College this summer kicked off with the advent of the 2017 Computer Camp on Thursday and Friday.

Approximately 15 college students from across the valley, which include students from Burns and Fruitland, participated in the two-day camp designed to educate youngsters the fundamentals of a laptop.

“I must be able to see all my colorings at the quit,” taught TVCC trainer Dustin Mason to the magnificence of students on Friday. “This is creating a patch cable.”

The magnificence spent the primary day of the camp taking a peek interior a PC and gaining knowledge of about each binary and IP addresses.

For Kiyo Teramura, a homeschool student in Ontario who will be a junior next yr, his interest has always been in computers.

“I’ve usually had an interest in computers, I simply didn’t understand where to begin,” Teramura said.

He said the camp had been very helpful, and that his favorite element changed into studying about binary code.

“I never learned that earlier that,” he said.

Students spent the second one and very last day of the laptop camp gaining knowledge of the way to create instantly thru and crossover cables, configuring routers and a way to construct a computer, Mason stated.


Mason, who teaches laptop science at TVCC at some stage in the faculty year, stated he hopes students do away with an information of the opportunities available to them inside the technology industry.

According to the Computing Technology Industry Association (CompTIA), employment in the U.S. Tech sector grew by nearly 3 percentage in 2016, with the overall variety of tech people coming near the seven million employee mark.

Another scholar taking part inside the summer season camp, Lizzy Woodruff — a sophomore at Ontario High School, said the camp has been a number of fun. She said this as she and the rest of the student campers were in an opposition to create three serviceable patch cables.

“It’s mastering, however, it’s now not lecturing like at faculty,” she stated.

She shared comparable feelings to Teramura on why she signed up for the camp.

“I desired to examine more about computers and how they function,” she stated.

Students who participated in the PC camp got here from as far away as Burns, Mason said. Part of the camp stipulates that each of the students can take domestic a private laptop computer.

Funding for the computer camp and different summer time camps at TVCC is paid for through a -12 months supply from the Oregon Department of Education, said Calvin Hiatt, who works for the TVCC career and technical education department. Unlike remaining 12 months, the network university determined to host smaller, extra specialized mini camps.

Artificial Intelligence in Computers

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