Decoding the missed call alert feature in the Airtel Thanks app

Decoding the missed call alert feature in the Airtel Thanks app 1

Mobile phones connect us 24*7 with our loved ones, family, and work colleagues. Thanks to advanced cellular technology, we can connect with a person sitting at the other end of the world in no time. But, it happens more than often that our connection is lost due to technical issues.

In such cases, it is very possible that you will end up missing an important work or personal call! These calls are categorized as missed calls. The network operators provide a feature called missed call alerts. It can be activated using a USSD code on your number. The feature, post-activation sends alerts to a phone number about all the calls missed by the user when not connected to an active network.

The present feature to activate such a feature is not well-known to the users. So, what if there was a missed call alert feature which is linked to a mobile app?

Airtel Thanks app

Now activate the missed call alert feature right from the Airtel Thanks app.

Airtel has launched its newest feature called Missed Call Alerts in its own Airtel Thanks app for its users. Now you will have a clean log of all the missed calls right on the app.

The Airtel Thanks app is a super app that also acts as a UPI payment app, recharge app, bill payment app, etc. Now it will alert you for your missed calls too!

What is Airtel Thanks ‘Missed Call Alerts’ feature?

It is a service that will send users an alert for all the calls they have missed when they are not latched on to an active network/s.

Mostly, there are two situations when users are not latched on to a network.

  • When the user’s phone is switched off (if the cell phone runs out of battery or the user switches the phone off voluntarily)
  • If a user is travelling and is in an area with no network coverage (often happens when in trains)
  • The user’s phone is on flight mode (when travelling via air)

In the above scenarios, it is a high possibility that you can miss an important call from work or an urgent call from home. The Missed Call Alert feature will notify you about such calls when you are in a network zone on the Airtel Thanks app.

If you have already activated Missed Call Alerts feature on your phone

As mentioned above, you can activate this feature on your phone. If you have this feature already active on your number, here’s how you can access the missed call logs in your Thanks app.

  • Locate the Missed Call Alerts icon’s shortcut on the top bar of your Airtel Thanks app.
  • Click on the icon. You will be redirected to a new page with the details of the feature. You can also access the FAQ section to learn more about the same.
  • Here you will also see all the missed calls on the call log screen.
  • You can directly call or send an SMS right from the app. It is that easy!

How to register for the Missed Call Alerts feature using the Thanks app?

In case, you are a new user and are not already subscribed to the feature, you can do so using the Thanks app.

  • Find the missed call alert shortcut in the shortcuts tab. Click on it.
  • Now click on ‘Turn on Missed Call Alerts’ to activate the feature.
  • That’s it. The feature is now live. You will see a log screen where your missed calls will be logged on a regular basis whenever you are out of network.

For example: Let’s say, you get a work call from your colleague John regarding an urgent meeting. You were travelling in an underground metro and missed the call. That missed call from John will be logged in your Airtel Thanks app under the Missed Call Alerts tab. Once you get out of the metro, check your Thanks app. You can easily click on the number and call directly from the Thanks app.

In case your recharge is over for your phone number; you can just navigate to the recharge section. Select a suitable recharge pack and make a quick payment using the Thanks app. Then, move back to your logs section and place the call instantly.

You can activate the feature today on your Airtel Thanks app.

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