Digital TV Models 2011 – Features Explained

Labels stating such capabilities as Motionflow XR800, Clear Motion Rate, and Moving Picture Resolution have changed the conventional 50Hz, 100Hz and 200Hz refresh labeling – lots the same as while the enterprise did away with the millisecond response time labeling some years returned.

1516330950_qrhTjd_tvrep.jpg (2700×1800)

The introduction of Smart TV has visible an array of function descriptions stickered at the monitors displayed on the showroom ground – from Built-in Wi-Fi, Skype, Video on Demand, Viera Connect, Bigpond TV to Your Video and Search All.

Other not unusual capabilities encompass Passive 3-D, Active 3D, Opti-Contrast Panel, USB Recording, Time Machine Ready and cornering glass, to name a few.

Features relating to Motion Samsung – Clear Motion Rate Samsung have deserted the traditional Refresh Rate measurement and opted as an alternative to a “Clear Motion Rate” label for each in their Series LEDs.

Normally, we are used to being given a Refresh Rate, consisting of 100Hz, which simplest refers to the Refresh Rate of the display screen. Samsung nation that the Refresh Rate most effective forms part of the Picture high-quality at some stage in speedy scenes, wherein as Clear Motion Rate determines the movement of an image with the aid of the use of 3 elements: chipset, TV Panel, and Backlight.

Refresh prices simplest decide the number of frames drawn on the display screen in step with 2nd, whilst the clear movement price refers back to the TV’s potential to attract the one’s frames efficaciously.

Example – Samsung Series eight LED has a Clear Motion 800 Rating, whilst the Series 7 LED has a Clear Motion 600 Rating. While the Refresh Rate is 200Hz on each model – the Series eight has an advanced chipset and backlight era which ends up in speedy movement scenes being clearer.

Sony – Motionflow XR Similar to Samsung, Sony has this year furnished a motion excellent dimension as opposed to simply the Refresh Rate. Sony State that their Motionflow era creates clean, certain shifting photographs for sports activities or action. Motionflow combines Image Blur Reduction, Frame Creation and backlight blinking technology collectively. These three technology blended are how Sony gauges Motion performance from version to version.

Example – Sony’s HX820 variety of LED have a Motionflow XR400 rating, even as the HX925 LEDs have a Motionflow XR800 Rating. While the Refresh Rate is 200Hz on each model – the HX925 combines this with backlight blinking of as much as 600 instances according to 2nd, as opposed to two hundred times consistent with 2nd within the HX820, which ends in the motion acting clearer. Basically the Higher the Motionflow wide variety, the better the motion enhancement.

Panasonic – Moving Picture Resolution

p2-tv.png (1185×773)

Panasonic has displayed each the Refresh Rate, and what they elegance because of the Moving Picture Resolution. Just like Sony and Samsung, the Moving Picture Resolution is a metric which basically places a price on how well a TV Panel deals with movement. The better the wide variety, the less blur this is added to the signal on the show.

Example – Panasonics ST30 range of Plasma have a Moving Picture Resolution of 1080 lines, and the Panel Speed is 600Hz Sub-field Drive. In comparison, the U30 Range of Plasma displays, which also have a 600Hz Subfield Drive, have a decrease Moving Picture Resolution of 900 strains, meaning the motion at the U30 won’t be as clear because of the ST30.

Panasonic, Samsung, and LG – 600Hz Subfield Motion

What 600Hz Sub-Field Driving does, with a 50Hz source like how our Australian TV is broadcast, is cut up everybody into 12 separate frames or “sub-fields”, after which display them for my part at the display. That method 12 sub-fields consistent with frame in 50Hz (frames in keeping with 2d) creates 600 frames in keeping with 2d (50×12=600). The more sub-fields you have per frame, the greater correct the shade reproduction and much less photograph noise.

Features referring to Smart TV Samsung – Social TV

Samsung models labeled with Social TV have the ability to connect with Social Network offerings Facebook, Twitter and Google Talk. Twitter users can preserve watching TV whilst their Tweets show on a separate part of the screen. Facebook users can also maintain watching TV while having access to their Facebook web page.

Samsung – Your Video

Your Video is a TV application and film advice carrier – based totally on movies which you’ve decided on in the past. You are served up with a ramification of films or TV indicates that you are capable of preview clips, synopsis, user rankings or even share your likes and dislikes through Facebook and Twitter.

Samsung – Search All

The Search all characteristic is a utility which lets you to search for content material or statistics across each thing your TV has to offer. Enter a seek question into the search all textual content container, and you’re given fits from Your Video, latest Web searches, Tweets, Facebook postings and extra. It is a convenient way to discover information you are seeking out.

Samsung – Smart Hub

Pressing the Smart button in your far off displays the Smart Hub, and it’s miles from right here that you are able to get right of entry to all the TV has to provide in phrases of connectivity which includes the Web Browser, Your Video, Search All, Bigpond Movies and plenty of more. The Smart Hub is the web page you visit access almost every feature that Samsung has to offer.

Samsung – Your Video

11_14_4.jpg (1001×1001)

Your Video is a TV application and movie advice service – based on films that you’ve selected within the past. You are served up with a selection of movies or TV shows that you are capable of preview clips, synopsis, person rankings and even percentage your likes and dislikes through Facebook and Twitter.

The Search all function is an application which allows you to look for content or statistics throughout every aspect your TV has to provide. Enter a search query into the quest all textual content container, and you are given matches from Your Video, latest Web searches, Tweets, Facebook postings and more. It is a handy manner to discover information you are looking for.

Samsung – Smart Hub

Pressing the Start button on your remote shows the Smart Hub, and it’s far from right here that you are able to get entry to all of the TV has to provide in terms of connectivity which include the Web Browser, Your Video, Search All, Bigpond Movies and plenty of extras. The Smart Hub is the web page you go to access almost every function that Samsung has to provide.

Samsung – Samsung Apps

Just like modern-day smartphones, Samsung has integrated apps (applications) downloadable through the Samsung App Store. If you have got owned an I-Phone you’ll already be familiar with the limitless array of programs you can download and the Samsung App save works in an identical way, albeit on a far smaller scale. There are Video, Game, Sports, Lifestyle, Information and Education apps available.

Samsung – Allshare

Allshare is Samsungs brand call for DLNA (Digital Living Network Alliance) which is a platform for sharing media between like-minded gadgets. Digital Cameras, Camcorders, Smartphones, Tablets, laptops and home theatre structures which can be DLNA licensed, are all capable of being linked thru your Home Network and thru to your TV, allowing the sharing of Photos, Movies, and tune without wires.

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