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The love for movies is never-ending for all of us.

If you are looking for a website to watch all of the world cinema in your regional language, hiidude will be the right choice.

This website is the best alternative if you are planning to treat your eyes to beautiful delicacies and give yourself an entertaining streak with a wide range of films and web series throughout the year.

Read more to know about the website that lets you download and watch a broad range of movies and series online from all around the world in your regional language.


How much does it cost?

The pleasant reality is that it doesn’t cost you anything. It is free without registration, and you don’t need to pay even for downloading the contents.

This site is currently banned in India, but you can still access it with various links that are available online, like 3hiidude.

This illegal website provides people with pirated copies of films and series.

But if you choose to download from it, beware of other malicious virus files that might come with the download.

The legality

Watching pirated movies is a crime in the United States of America. The Indian government is also against the concept of pirated films and videos.

The Government of India does try to ban as many websites that circulate pirated content.

One such website to get banned was hiidude. Even though the government bans it, it can still be accessed online.

Downloads can be made in all regional languages like Hindi, Tamil, Telugu, Malayalam, Kannada etc.

Variety of languages

The website has a massive list of dubbed movies, from the latest to the cult classics.

Good quality movies and web series, and other drama series are available on this website which can be watched online and downloaded in various Indian languages.

Hollywood to Bollywood to Tollywood to Kollywood, all movies are available, and every movie is available in your desired language.

Need the films in Punjabi? You can find them there!

The one bad thing

The only defect with this website is that it can bring various virus files to your devices.

These viruses can bring long-lasting effects to your device. Being an illegal website, it shares many virus files as torrent files.

Google does not support these illegal websites, so they do not get an income from Google AdSense.

So these admins let other advertisers display pop-up ads on these sites, and these ads can affect your device with viruses.

Just like any other virus file, these torrent virus files are not detected when it first enters.

You can notice its presence only after it starts showing its effects on your device.

If you still choose to download from hiidude, double-check if the file is safe.

And make sure you aren’t clicking on the advertisements; they are the ones that spread torrent viruses.

Why recommend more?

This website is the most recommended among the websites that provide pirated films.

This site finds its reach among international users with a simple appearance with a wonderful user experience.

Enabling the dark theme mode makes the site comfortably accessible to the users at night.

It also has a separate section for various genres, including adult-only movies and adult-only series.

Another notable feature of this website is the live chat option. You can share your views and opinions on every movie you watch with other website users.

And when you click on the movie icon, the website provides you with necessary details about the film like the director’s name, the language of the film, the production house, and more information.

Shortage of new videos

That is something that you will never experience. The admins of this website are so sharp that they never miss the timing.

A day after a new release, movies and episodes of the series are accessible with hiidude.

All movies and new episodes of web series are uploaded in flip seconds, like a high-speed bullet train.

Not many websites give good quality new films, but hiidude presents them to you in superb HD quality.

The admins also maintain a telegram page where you can get various updates and links for downloading the films and the web series.

On the telegram page, you can choose the file type based on storage requirements.

A broad range of genres

The most loved and appreciated feature of the site is the presence of a wide range of different genres, including,

  • Action and adventure and Sci-Fi
  • Comedy and horror and war
  • Romance and thriller, and crime

From reality TV shows to drama to documentaries to biography, fantasy, history, animation, and a lot more are available in HD to amuse your eyes.

In 3hiidude, you can access all of these for free, without any registration. Isn’t it a delicacy to your eyes and heart?

Super-fast downloading

Another reason hiidude is most used by users around the world is that the process of downloading happens faster than any other torrent website available online.

This makes the website more preferable in the current marketplace.

Videos with a range of resolutions like 300p, 480p, 720p, 1080p, HD picture quality and BRrip, can be downloaded according to your preference.

It also provides films for 300 megabytes and many such storage options. Enjoy all of these downloads at a fast pace.


The thirst you have for wonderful movies can be quenched with the hiidude website.

Even though it is a torrent website banned in many countries, including India, it presents users with good-quality movies.

Many genres to choose from, different resolutions for videos, quick downloads, fast availability of new films, good quality video, and a list of benefits are provided by the website for its users who hail from different places in the world.

Downloading pirated movies and videos is lawfully punishable; therefore, think twice before doing it.

We do not encourage you to support pirated films and nor do we support pirated movies.

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