Prepare for your interview with these HR interview questions

When an organization is hiring, the HR personnel conduct several rounds of interviews to check the behavioral and technical prowess of the candidates. Asking different questions helps determine the ccandidate’scareer goals, past work experience, and whether their future goals align with the company’s objectives.

Sometimes, these interviews are even more detailed to see how well the candidate would fit into the company’s work culture or if they can function towards achieving the organizational vision.

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Often, the HR interview can make or break your opportunity to get into your dream company.

Here’s a list of the best HR interview questions and tips.

1. Why do you want to work for our company?

This is a universal question asked by the interviewer in every interview. It is requested to analyze whether the candidate understands the job description properly. They are eager to know your reason for choosing their company. Your answer should convince the interviewer that you are a good fit for the role.


• Talk about how the requirements of the past roles you had taken match the provisions of this role

• Talk about how taking this role can help you fulfill your career aspirations

• Have in hand the required knowledge about tcompany’sy’s vision, mission, and values that inspired you to join their organization

2. Talk about your strengths and weaknesses

This question is asked to understand your suitability for the job. It is another standard and commonly asked question in an interview.


• Be honest and start by stating your qualities that can be a great match for the role

• Be prepared with a backup claim for every strength that you mention and so do not lie and speak of something that ydon’tn’t possessDon’tn’t say any more than two weaknesses don’t forget that meyou’reyou’re working on improving them

3. On a scale of 1-10, how would you rate yourself?

The main purpose while answering this question is to know if you are self-aware. So do not oversell, as it would mean you believe you are perfecthere’shere’s no scope for improvement. That said, remember not to undervalue yourself as it would suggest you are not confident about yourself.

4. What is your greatest achievement so far?

Make sure to mention only the work-related achievements. Start with the most recent accomplishment.


Answer this question using the STAR format

S – Situation

T – Task

A – Action

R – Result

5. Where do you see yourself in the next five years?

Now, this question is a little tricky. Although this might seem like a simple question, its main purpose is to understand whether you plan to stay in the company for a sufficient period.


• You might be tempted to speak honestly about your plans to start a startup, become a hiring manager in the organization, or not have a project simply because you dodon’tave one. Avoid saying all of these, as the interviewer does not wish to hear them.

• The interviewer is only interested in knowing how long you will stay in the company and how satisfied you are with the role offered.

1. Why should we hire you for this role?

Here, give them reasons for how well you will fit into the position. This question is asked because every hire unfit for the role is a huge risk to the recruiter. So, make sure to prepare well for this question and ensure that you give them valid reasons to pick you.


• Tell them how well you’d perform the given you’d and how you can be a great addition to the team

• Speak about what makes you stand out

• Let them know how you can add value to their company

2. Do you have any questions?

Candidates should be allowed to determine if the job is a good fit. Hence, recruiters ask this question. Another reason is to know if you’re interested in the role.


You’re smart questions about the company

• If possible, ask questions about rates for the role as well

While preparing for the interview, ensure your answers showcase your leadership skills. Companies are always on the lookout for efficient leaders.

If you think you don’t possess them, you can develop tdon’tskills by taking leadership and management courses online. In addition to helping you keep up with the ever-changing business landscape, business management courses can help you ace an interview.

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