Should I Post to Multiple Blogs?

It is pretty a common scenario. After identifying to begin a weblog especially about your favorite hobby, one nighttime, you discover yourself with nothing approximately that problem to put in writing, but there is a mainly thrilling put up about a concert you went to closing night simply itching to be written. While you, in the beginning, desired to put in writing travelogues in your blog, you discover your self not going anywhere this month and sense like, properly, maybe you may strive your hand at scribbling down a few fictions instead. Why have to your blog be constrained to just a single facet of your life? Why no longer write about other things? Should you create a new blog for every situation you need to write down approximately?

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The answer appears to be deceptively easy. It could be very clean to create a new weblog; and, if you are new to the complete blogging experience, perhaps creating a blog on a distinctive platform might be quite a terrific idea. You would get to examine extra approximately the entire manner, determine which tools and abilities are important to you as a blogger, and, in reality, most significantly, you’ll be keeping your unique topics instantly and separate. But is developing a brand new weblog the proper solution? It seems this finally ends up being a question of identification, branding, and, perhaps just as importantly, your potential to juggle multiple responsibilities.


Time and time once more, the net advertising professionals will talk over with the significance of setting up a brand; something uniquely identifiable about you, or what it is you convey to your web website or weblog. There is quite a lot that contributes to an emblem; emblems, layout elements, preference of colors, and so on, however, it has little which means until it’s miles accompanied with the aid of constant content material. Everyone is aware of what to expect from a McDonald’s and would be perturbed if they at some point grew to become up at one to discover they had been selling something else other than speedy food.

This is the argument that generally applies to the question about beginning a second or 1/3 blog; or even consolidating a couple of present blogs into one. If your first blog is set up and has a popularity for serving up one particular type of content, then posting specific or contradictory content on the equal weblog must light up some caution signs and symptoms. There are some apparent types of content material that should be kept separate at all times. Corporate content should be stored break away political or personal viewpoints, for instance. If your website online is already that big that it needs to be considered a logo, then the decision is sincerely made for you. Your readers could be proof against changes to your content material; your logo won’t tolerate specific situation matter, and as an end result, a brand new venue might be wanted.


Most humans, but, grossly overestimate how plenty branding they have invested in their website so far. The excellent majority of blogs are deserted right away, after best an adorable title, subject selection, and a handful of posts. The blogger discovers they have got little or not anything to jot down approximately their chosen challenge, or they do now not definitely have the time or the electricity. Often the passion is for the writing however not necessarily for the chosen concern; possibly the scope is not huge sufficient, possibly there virtually is nowhere near enough to jot down approximately that challenge to keep regular or even semi-ordinary posting. If this is the case, possibly starting a new weblog is not always the solution; perhaps clearly a bit renaming or remodel is all that it takes? Retitling, selecting subject matters, possibly getting a better URL, are all things that may be achieved without splitting from the existing content material. If your weblog is new, there’s unlikely to be lots to lose from making those types of changes. There is not sufficient emblem at stake.

Perhaps the maximum telling thing of whether an unmarried weblog is enough is whether or no longer the weblog category can be defined as private. An instance is probably pleasant right here. Suppose I began a weblog approximately some particular thing of my life, as an instance, my latest move to the opposite side of u. S .. (Quite efficiently, at this point you need to apprehend there is possibly simplest a constrained quantity of mileage that can be extracted from that one precise concern). Later, I comprehend that, nicely, I might also quite like to write down about other passions in my life, which include movies, video games, or ingesting out at restaurants; perhaps I may like to discuss what I do for a residing, or what I studied at the faculty. While these all look like distinctive topics, they’re in fact all distinct aspects of myself. The subject of my present weblog was certainly too specific. Writing about specific elements of myself does now not require more than one blogs; in lots of methods, a single weblog is greater honest, and content may be certainly delineated if wished by using the usage of tags and classes. I can have a blog whose situation is me, and whose tags or categories can mirror the variety of that top-degree issue.


In a way, however, the aspect in order to have the greatest effect on whether you begin multiple blogs is whether or not you have the capacity to address the logistics. Everything is scaled up by using the variety of blogs you’re strolling simultaneously; furthermore, each aspect of this scaling works against you. It is better to have one blog overlaying many topics which you regularly submit to, in preference to several blogs each focused on precise subjects that rarely obtain new posts. Any merchandising efforts that you do with one blog need to be replicated for others; and, possibly a little perversely, absolutely everyone who does join the exceptional blogs with the same creator will bring any negative perceptions from one to the opposite. You will need to hold your self-organized, perhaps even disciplined; dedicate yourself to at the least reasonable editorial time limits as to how frequently and when to post; partition our laptop and workspace therefore; and, in short, it would emerge as a touch an excessive amount of like paintings – so frequently the kiss of loss of life for any creative endeavor.

It is surely now not possible. There are plenty of blogging celebrities accessible with high-profile websites and nicely-mounted manufacturers that put up to more than one websites, however, in many of those instances, this is the way they earn their dwelling. If your blogging efforts are small and personal, you may possibly not be able to invest that degree of time and electricity to your interest. For the exquisite majority of us who long to have a small blog which we hold and nurture, one website is enough, and the paintings required to control this is affordable. If but you ought to the weblog or write as your career, then you may honestly need to make investments more effort, and carry out some critical time management.

What next?

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If you are wondering approximately beginning a 2nd or 0.33 weblog, diversifying into new content, or splitting your present blog into a couple of websites, it’d pay to invite several questions earlier than you continue. Determine whether or not or not the cut up is simply necessary, which may be the case if you are running a blog from a company angle, however, is unlikely for private blogs. Both starting a new blog or redefining a present one will affect your existing readership, pretty in all likelihood negatively. Above all, respect that multiple weblog is going to boom your workload and your organizational necessities; it isn’t always necessarily going to make existence any less difficult. Even if you make a decision that maintaining an unmarried weblog is the right manner to head, but, there is no excuse for being inactive. Spend a touch time organizing your tags and classes, tweaking your templates, and in any other case arranging your present weblog and you could locate multiple blogs are not wished; one tidy, well-organized blog is far prime.

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