Mark  My Live Updates  Giordano of the Calgary Flames, the San Francisco 49ers, and the U.S. Tennis Association were among the Sports Humanitarian Awards winners. Giordano won the newly named Muhammad Ali Sports Humanitarian Award. The 49ers received the group award, and the USTA gained the League Leadership Award at the third annual rite Tuesday night in downtown Los Angeles. Ali’s daughter, Laila, co-hosted the event with ESPN’s Mike Greenberg.

Flames’ captain Giordano becomes commemorated as an athlete who demonstrates integrity and bravery while creating an advantageous impact on his community. His Team Giordano software helps 1,900 students with physical health, academics, and positive behavior. The 49ers received 2 initiatives: helping junior excessive and excessive college students who display promise in technology, technology, engineering, and math, and every other directed at the kindergarten through 8th graders within the same situation rely upon.

The USTA become venerated with the league award for offering over 300,000 underprivileged youngsters with loose or low-fee tennis instructions. Dick’s Sporting Goods won the Corporate Community Impact Award for its aid of kids sports nationwide. Each of the winners obtained a $100,000 provide from ESPN to present to a charity centered on humanitarian efforts. Over $1.1 million turned into raised via the awards so that you can advantage the Stuart Scott Memorial Cancer Research Fund on the V Foundation, named for the late ESPN “SportsCenter” host. Stephanie McMahon of WWE, the Orlando City football club, and the Ross Initiative in Sports for Equality each obtained INSPIRE Awards named for Scott that honor folks that use innovative strategies to help the disadvantaged through sports activities. Highlights of the show will air July 25 on ESPN.

Eight Reasons to Avoid Extreme Sports

People advertise excessive sports occasions and guides like it’s something safe and cool you need to do. Ha! But it is now not! It’s now not like studying to play chess or looking at a cool movie, by no means.

Here is why:

1. You can get injured or die.

It may additionally sound compelling that the fee of folks that die in vehicle injuries is higher than the price of individuals who die from parachute soar. But irrespective of what stats they display you, the truth is one – you may die or at least get seriously injured while practicing intense sports. It takes place all the time. You recognize the route; folks who don’t do such stupid things live all the time.

2. It will price you money.

Every extreme sport calls for a few devices. For some sports activities like skateboarding, it is cheaper; for some, like scuba diving, it’s extra high-priced – but without exception, training extreme sports will value a number of your hard-earned money.


Isn’t it a whole lot higher concept to spend your cash on fashion branded t-shirts or cool tech gadgets?

3. It takes time.

More frequently than no longer practicing a severe game requires you to go to a special location somewhere (water, mountain, hill). It takes the time to get there; it takes the time to exercise, it takes the time to get home again, it takes time to rest. Sometimes the acute sport can occupy all your loose time.


Isn’t this sad? You could use this time for such extraordinary activities like gambling video games rather.

4. Your career may additionally go through.

The severe sport will now not only occupy some time – it will occupy your mind too. You will think about it, about the best time, approximately the subsequent precise time you will do it. This often kills motivation at work and makes you most effective wait until the painting’s day stops. It’s so much higher to be a perfect employee, develop in career and get appropriate stable earnings!

5. You may additionally fall in love.

There are ways you could fall in love – first, you can, and maximum possibly will fall in love with the intense sport you are doing. This is so terrible due to the purpose already referred to. Second, you could fall in love with some of your partners, a teacher, or an instructor. What an uncomfortable state of affairs; it’s a whole lot better to live in your consolation region and keep away from falling in love with crazy matters.

6. You will experience bad times while you can not practice.

You’ll leave out your excessive sport whilst you are at work, when you are a long way far from the appropriate place, if you have no time or cash, while the climate is not accurate… You’ll leave it out all the time. And missing something hurts, accept as true with me. Life is lots extra painless when you have nothing to miss and not anything to lose, isn’t always it?

7. Your antique buddies will assume you’re crazy.

I guess they may. Imagine how they may look at you when you inform them you may not join the Friday birthday party because you have to boost up early and go skydiving. They’ll think you are a fool. Many of them may be bored while you are excited to inform them about your trendy fulfillment in mountain biking. Some will even sense horrific whilst you grow to be more in shape due to the intense game. And suppose a minute about the moment when you get a little damage. “I told you so, I advised you so!”.

8. You will get bored in some ordinary sports

Practicing an excessive game will brainwash you a lot to prevent being inquisitive about some everyday activities you enjoy now. It’s no longer work. You will stop being interested in cool things like looking at TV shows, gambling video games, or even doing humorous checks on Facebook.

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