The True Meaning of Reality

Although when you consider that my teens I actually have desired to jot down, I never felt stimulated to write down something, because it seemed to me that any difficulty approximately which I notion of writing, it had already been addressed, earlier, via a person else. But now, with the expertise I acquired thru studies I have remodeled the ones long years, and the oneiric reports I went via once I grew to become sixty – the ones dream experiences I am regarding are known as lucid dreaming – I suppose I sooner or later have something essential and worth of being addressed.

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I used to impeach fact ever since I turned into a teenager, asking myself how it changed into feasible there to be an infinite cloth universe. They did now not educate approximately the Big Bang theory yet, at that time, even though that theory had been created for the reason that quit in the twenties. It only has become popularized many years afterward. The idea usual by using most turned into that the universe became infinite in time and in the area. As if something fabric may be infinite in time and in space. At least, for me, such an idea became completely unacceptable. But I needed to follow that concept due to the fact as absurd as the idea should appear, the universe changed into there round me. The land on which I trod and whilst barefoot came across a stone, the pain I felt, the bleeding that took place had been undisputed evidence of its life. The solar shining in the course of an afternoon of clean skies, cloudless, the Moon and the celebs at night spreading their attraction, everything collaborated to create a phantasm of absolute truth.

Little did I realize that I would spend nearly all my entire existence looking for an answer that quenched the thirst for a common sense of my inquisitive brain, a reaction simplest to be found when I changed into already over sixty years vintage. That answer eventually quieted my spirit. It acts as a principle of the whole thing because in all its simplicity it explains reality, and it also explains all phenomena that are taken into consideration unexplainable by technological know-how.

At sixteen I was given in touch, via books, with the so-known as clinical spiritist doctrine. Over the next seven years, I delved into the have a look at of its works. As I became handling the theoretical a part of it, the whole thing seemed logical, chained, applicable, but on moving the focus from the theoretical to empirical,* the building I had constructed all through those seven years commenced to gradually be undermined, and despite my efforts to repair the harm resulting from keeping in touch with the practical spiritism, the electricity of my analytic Cartesian wondering, persevered to behave surreptitiously, possibly even subconsciously, and after I found out, handiest rubble remained of the outstanding spiritual majestic building. It becomes replaced via a complete absolute disbelief, through sheer nihilism, nihilism together with all its implications, like complete amorality.

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* Empiric is the fact that is based most effective on reports, observation of factors, as opposed to theories and clinical techniques. Empirical know-how is the only obtained at some point of the entire existence, every day, which has no clinical proof. The empirical approach is carried out through the approach of trial and blunders, is characterized by means of common sense, and each one understands it in his very own way. The empirical approach generates getting to know considering the fact that data learned via stories lived and witnessed to attract conclusions. The empirical information is frequently sensitive and subjective. (Site:significados.Com.Br)

In the start of the eighties, books occupied, for years, my research and research of the issues they addressed. The first book, “Life after Life” by Dr. Raymond Moody’s “Life After Life,” as many readers should realize, addresses the close to-dying studies witnessed and analyzed by way of the writer. Instead of demise be sincerely the stop of lifestyles, it’s miles simply a dynamic moment with revelations that transform lives. It is documented that people, while dying, have visions of another life and that these visions are genuine and no longer mere hallucinations of the mind. These reviews are an actual and herbal a part of the loss of life method. More than half of all medical faculties inside the United States teach publications at the spiritual factors of loss of life. The 2nd e-book, “The Tao of Physics” with the aid of Fritjof Capra, a difficult-to-examine international-famed e-book that I read five times, sought to demonstrate the parallelism amongst theoretical physics, quantum physics, relativistic physics and Eastern religions. The Tao of Physics with the aid of Fritjof Capra took me, after studying it the primary time, to have a look at on my own as deeply as my capacity permitted, quantum physics and relativistic physics. Finally, after 5 years and my fifth reading of the e-book, I thought I had understood and absorbed all that became possible from the e-book, however as top notch as it may appear, after such an unheard of attempt, I nonetheless did not locate what I had been seeking out a long time: an acceptable, high-quality solution to the riddle of fact and its which means. Only later did I came to understand that this type of reaction to the simplicity of the heart is determined thru religion, and to the possessors of analytical, scrutinizing intelligence, individuals who want to recognize instead of believing, best through non-public experience, with all the traits of a revelation. This is how the terrific religions of the arena had their origins.

Already in the early nineties, the works of Carlos Castañeda, the lessons of the wizard known as Don Juan Matus, an Indian of the Yaquis tribe of the Sonoran barren region in Mexico, took years of determination and desire that the lengthy-awaited enlightenment turned into subsequently executed. But all this gaining knowledge of turned into purely intellectual did not penetrate the center of my being, did no longer create the internal modifications that I wanted so much, did now not enlighten me.

From that point, the laptop commenced to turn out to be famous and also available. Ten years might bypass earlier than I got here to own one of these machines, but, I study all I could approximately the situation. From that point, the computer commenced to emerge as famous and also reachable. Ten years would pass before I came to personal one of these machines, yet I read all I could about the difficulty. This thirst for brand new understanding made me come to have above-common digital information. I felt impossible to resist appeal for this superb and spectacular technological novelty, which supposed that, even when I changed into vintage, I did no longer emerge as a digitally excluded, at the contrary, greater digitally blanketed than most younger human beings. The computer and the internet have made to be had a search device that has never been visible earlier than, for its speed, its variety of the maximum numerous subjects. Not even one who possessed a wealthy library at his disposal might have any such research facility. Fortunately, as a teen I had started out to examine English, luckily, I say this because it’d be the most useful tool I got via observe. How ought to I suppose, within the fifties, that the English language could come to be the international language adopted, without imposition, with the aid of virtually every united states inside the world? Concomitantly, it would emerge as the “legitimate” language of the internet, the language that would allow getting entry to all form of facts.

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I had examined approximately dreams where you understand you are dreaming. I myself had had one in which I remember having said, “Don’t worry, this is a dream.” But, it meant little or no to me. I thought the dream that you recognize you’re dreaming of changed into a characteristic of the mind, a form of digital truth, every other enigma that no one should convincingly give an explanation for.

The Art of Dreaming by means of Carlos Castañeda describes the stairs important to end up conscious in a dream and to keep manipulate over it, however I do not understand if its rather puzzling description and, for my part, combined with old and superstitious traditions, did now not lead me to arrive at any conclusion approximately what I had read. Castañeda describes notably how a country known as general awareness can be achieved via dreams. Yet I nonetheless did now not apprehend what lucid dreaming and overall awareness meant. I used the “lucid” adjective to qualify the noun “dream”, but I’m not positive after I learned or got here to apply those two phrases together.

In the early 2000s, I already had a laptop connected to the internet. After having talked with a pal about lucid desires, when I was given home I placed the 2 phrases “lucid dream”, in Portuguese, right into a seek web page. The consequences were now not very promising. Then got here the idea of doing the studies in English. I inserted the phrases “lucid dream”. Eureka! Finally, there has been what I had been searching out so long. To my surprise, the concern of “lucid dreaming” had been studied within the United States for some time already, no longer only with the aid of New Age followers but also with the aid of psychophysiologists, amongst them Stephen LaBerge main the scientific study on lucid dreaming, having acquired his Ph.D. In Psychophysiology from Stanford University for his pioneering laboratory research on lucid dreaming. Reading approximately Stephen LaBerge, I found out that he had founded the Lucidity Institute, a corporation that promotes lucid dream research and had additionally created lucidity.Com wherein there was a wealth of lucid dream have a look at the material.

I was pleasantly amazed after I began studying “How to Remember Your Dreams” understanding that this changed into the first step to discovering ways to dream lucidly. Pleasantly amazed, because I had always had colorful, brilliant, clear desires, and I remembered, on average, two to 3 desires I had had all through the night time. Then, even without knowing it, I had already taken the first step inside the long and profitable course that opened up earlier than me, a way to examine the art of lucid dreaming. But it became there that I started out to remember the fact that this kind of revel in, like another experience in that category, cannot be grasped via phrases, thru studying. Words, in spite of being a high-quality medium of verbal exchange, fail to carry what one has experienced, unless the addressee of the words spoken or written has already exceeded thru a comparable experience. In brief, even after more than a year of analyzing, reading the problem, I still did not understand what a lucid dream turned into. Just as you cannot recognize an enjoy of enlightenment until you’ve got in my view been enlightened. I use here the word illumination with the specific meaning of the revel in of awakening, awakening to the real nature of truth.

As the wizard Don Juan stated, it is essential to deconstruct the arena, to demolish stone by using stone the building of understanding that has been set up for us with the aid of all the ones around us from the day of our beginning. Turn the mind to a blank web page, put off the ego, in order that it can acquire the new ideas, the new thoughts, the brand new actual thought of reality.

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