The Unspoken Secret Behind America’s Decline

We live in historical times in America. The Left is in a complete-scale struggle towards a sitting President. Socialism is in style, thanks to Bernie Sanders. College campuses are social re-training camps, and younger American’s everywhere are positive life isn’t fair. Suddenly being indignant, the contemporary fad is as famous as the Pet Rock used to be. Our descent to Third World repute is accomplishing warp speed.

 America's Decline

The people we elected to protect our rights, implement our Constitution, and preserve us safe from our enemies are doing none of it. Instead, they vote themselves raises, pensions and exempt themselves from the very legal guidelines they enact upon we the people. A neighbor of mine developing up instructed me that if the simplest tool you have is a hammer, each problem looks like a nail. Our elected officials, the elite, who now rule us and pander to the world money guys, suppose each trouble in America has a legislative solution, their nail. The legal professionals see more regulation as the answer to the entirety from healthcare to undertaking a battle or coping with child abuse. So what is the unstated mystery, the basis of the problem?

Bernie Sanders, a Socialist who could have been the Democrat’s choice for President, albeit for a few crooked politics, was positive it was more money and a central authority that takes care of the whole thing. Is that the name of the game? In the beyond yr, the Department of Health & Human Services, HHS, spent $1.1 Trillion on the people. That is sort of $9,000 for each unmarried citizen. The present-day data display we’ve got forty-one million human beings on welfare. Our packages and cash going to clear up the problem? Based on results, reputedly no longer? The ‘conflict on tablets’ is running well.

How horrific are the troubles? A new Kindergarten teacher I talked with 12 months ago advised me she found two little boys who had been lacking from her class after recess, appearing oral intercourse inside the bathroom. And yes, it turned into what the community is considered to be one of the ‘desirable’ schools. What precisely will a new application do for this hassle? More importantly, in which did a Kindergarten pupil find out about oral intercourse? We can rule out President Clinton’s example in view that they’re too younger. What came about to morals?

A few years returned I was talking to college students at a local high school. The college invited me to come in and speak about the Vietnam War. They set me up inside the library, with tables for the scholars, and cycled in about thirty at a time for three days. The college becomes 50% Native American. As every elegance entered, their instructor sat inside the back, and all Native American college students chose to sit on the ground, under the table with their backs to me. I looked at the teacher on every occasion; some shrugged their shoulders, others appeared away, and I went on. What befell to recognize?


If you talk with teachers nowadays, you’ll be horrified at what is going on in our schools. Elementary kids show up without a coat in the dead of iciness, meals before, during, and after school. Teachers are anticipated to be Mother, Father, and Cop. The Superintendents are much like our elite in Washington, staying ways removed from the motion and above the fray. We spend $112 billion a year on a Department of Education that is basically responsible for including increasingly rules that require more time for teachers and extra cash spent on non-instructors. America spends extra cash in line with scholars than other united states on the planet, except Luxembourg, a tiny financial capital in Europe. We rank only average inside the international in analyzing and science and below average in arithmetic. What came about to American training?

How is all this running out for our youngsters? Our test scores are an indicator that the future might not be so bright. How do we deal with our children in this new, rapid-paced international future, complete of equality at any value and social justice as a vocation? We had 1.3 million homeless children attending public school final yr. At least they’re in school; how many are there, we don’t know. Do you realize that during 2015 almost five kids died every day in America from child abuse? Eighty% are below three years of age. In 1998 that variety turned into 3 killed in line with the day, with over half of abused extra than as soon as, and roughly eighty% of these abused are via mother and father. I’ll forestall there at the babies; it only gets worse.

What happens to our youngsters as they age, outdoor of abuse that is. Do you already know that young human beings 12-two decades antique devour eleven% of all alcohol offered in our top-notch Nation? Over eleven teenagers die each day from alcohol, and over 550 teenagers go to the ER each day because of alcohol. 35% of twelfth graders drink, and 10% drink and pressure. 8% of eighth-graders drink and four% of eighth-graders admitted to binge consuming. And then there are drugs.

A recent survey says 3, three hundred new college students attempt pot each day. Of course, the Left might have us consider it’s okay, legalize marijuana. According to Recovery Village, 10% of A college students smoke pot simultaneously as 48% of D & F college students do. In their findings, pot lowers your IQ by using at least eight factors besides permitting you to not cope with the huge horrific international. In studies on the availability of drugs in our colleges, high college students across the country responded, ninety-one % of those surveyed stated pot was with no trouble to be had, another 24% said pharmaceuticals were no hassle, 9% stated cocaine changed into to be had, and seven% knew in which to get Ecstacy. Our ‘social experiments by FDR & LBJ et al. do not seem to be running?

So what’s the unstated secret? I think John Adams nailed it in 1778 while he stated, “The foundation of countrywide morality has to be laid in personal families… In vain are Schools, Academies, and Universities instituted, if loose standards and licentious habits are inspired upon youngsters of their earliest years. The vices and examples of the mother and father cannot be hidden from the kids.” Mr. Adams may be speaking nowadays. Many years in the past, another sensible guy stated, “No achievement can compensate for failure within the home.” Therein lays the unstated mystery, the destruction of the circle of relatives.

The home is the key to a solid nation and generating efficient adults. The home is where you learn morals, values, and accountability. The destruction of the family started many years in the past. The root of its beginnings and its sustaining electricity these days comes from the Left. Democrats, Progressives, Liberals, anything they call themselves these days, are bent on destroying the circle of relatives? We need the handiest appearance to the Democratically managed towns of Washington DC, Detroit, or Baltimore for shining examples of the circle of relatives’ destruction.

Partisan doom

As I write, this word is available in every other college taking pictures in Florida. Multiple casualties, numerous useless and the in no way-finishing query of why? There’s no easy solution to that one. I do know the basic reason comes from the destruction of the own family unit. The first college taking pictures become the 18th century whilst Indians attacked a college. The nineteenth-century noticed 28 school shootings, and the twentieth-century shootings were 226. A long way, including maximum recent Florida, there were 212 inside the first decade and a 1/2 of the 21st century. At this rate, there will be 1,642 school shootings in this century. It’s now not the guns; they have always been round. It’s the madness that has turned out to be our society.

What is using the assault on households? Many things but a look returned to January 10, 1963, when those folks had been then referred to as Communists, offers us a clue. On that date, a sensible member of Congress, Representative A. S. Herlong of Florida, examines into the Congressional Record-Appendix, pp. A34-A35 the then-contemporary Communist Party dreams. There have been 45 in all, and the 2 beneath; I assume you’ll agree, had been executed pretty nicely.

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