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Well, if that could have been said to me by way of my father when I became 2 years of age, I could have understood. But when nowadays, my very own laptop tells me that after I am 34, I surprise why I spent $1500 on my laptop hardware and software simply to enjoy the (un-realized) benefits of this fantastic and innovative records technology?

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Today’s our online world is risky. None of today’s PC customers can declare that they by no means had a pc virus issue or a PC protection breach. Now, in case you rely nowadays on’s number of PC customers worldwide, they will quickly be 1 billion by means of 2010 consistent with analysts. When I see all of the computer viruses, infections, trojans, and what now not around me, and evaluate it with the 1 billion harmless laptop customers around the arena, I clearly experience sorry no longer most effective for the ones billion users but for myself too. But again, as a common user myself, I have to admit it become not all doomsday for the entire enterprise on the grounds that 1987 after I started out to apply computers. So, as a responsible member of this superb IT revolution, I must proportion some of the nice tips and tricks that I discovered to use to make the minimum room for productiveness on my laptop.

Please note this is academic for a person who has basic knowledge of computer usage. For people who are freshmen, I would advise asking a nearby professional’s help earlier than trying something out mentioned in this educational. In that case, make room for payment from a deep pocket. For your own convenience, print this educational for step-by way of-step commands.

I even have intentionally avoided mention of many commercially properly and more friendly software’s mention here as I wanted the whole thing to do FREE without any additional fees other than the standard OS licenses. For your very own convenience, you may research Google or Yahoo search engines locate in addition facts approximately such commercial software program and their availability/pricing.


I understand it is painful and surgical kind of answer, but every now and then, it’s miles the ONLY solution left after onerous all of our efforts to restore our computer machine after a plague assault. Follow this procedure;

Booting Up: Try booting your laptop commonly first and notice if you may login easily. If you couldn’t or your laptop hangs up, try holding the F8 key while beginning Windows and you may get the Safe Mode. Even in case you don’t get the Safe Mode, don’t fear.

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You need to now be able to run all software utilities consisting of Format, Scandisk, FDisk or Windows Installation Setup.Exe files. Right now, actually ensure they exist by typing a DOS command dir at the CD drive letter. If you don’t find it with this easy directory command, use dir/s filename to look the file. For example, to look fdisk.Exe document, type dir/s fdisk.Exe.

BACKING UP YOUR DATA: Before formatting your hard disk drive, please ensure you’ve got proper lower back up of your critical statistics files along with Microsoft Word, Excel, Powerpoint, and many others files on a CD or any other media for backup which you have to get entry to. In this tutorial, we anticipate you have a CD-Writer established for taking backups on Writeable CDs. Their potential is typically 700MB or less. Here, you have to seriously take into account using the Zipping software programs like WinZip or WinRAR.

VIA WINDOWS: If you can, fortunately, log in on your Windows OS, you should run the CD-Writer software inclusive of HTech Fireman to again up all your statistics on an empty CD. If you don’t recognize a way to do it, examine their personal guide for the exact instruction set. If you can’t access your Windows OS, examine on.

VIA DOS: Some of the files which you want to make again-up, can be hidden. To un-conceal them, use attrib *.* +r +s +h.

Now, use the software program from Golden Hawk file named as copy2cd.Exe to backup your data documents or directories on a writeable CD. Before the use of this command, make sure you’re in the proper course on the laptop such as E:/ in which the real record copy2cd.Exe file is living;

Copy2cd c:statistics*.* f:

Here we assumed that f: is a CD-Writer drive. Now, repeat the same for all of your documents to lower back up. When completed, run cdtools.Exe command i.E. Cdtools f: to complete with the aid of selecting option “Disc Finalization”.

If you couldn’t lower back up your records the usage of the above-noted process, either ask an outside expert’s help personally or via the net. If all fails, forget your information forever and carry on installing a brand new OS as referred to in this academic.

Backing up Your Drivers: An interesting tool to cited here’s a software that mechanically backs up all your drivers of CD, modem, sound card, VGA, USB, printer or pretty much something that is currently set up in your machine. But this software program works only in an operational home windows OS, and not in DOS. It is a good and time-saving practice to maintain a backup of all your drivers on a CD via using one of these software programs. Its name is Driver Genius Pro and it’s far industrial software, not a freeware.

USING FDISK: You may additionally skip this selection and move instantly to Formatting Hard Disk choice if you want to use different useful partitions which can comprise your statistics. Before going beforehand with this feature, Make sure there are no beneficial statistics left to your computer to be backed up. This alternative will delete all of the pc partitions and create new ones.

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FORMATTING HARD DISK: Now which you have created new partitions, It is time to layout them so that you can begin installing Windows. This is how you are making your C: power usable by means of your Windows OS for setting up. Boot up your computer with Windows CD and type format c: command at the set-off. When brought about for optimum size, press, YES. After complete processing, you will be presented with the success record about the formatting of the C: power. Select your new pressure call and press ENTER to complete.

INSTALLING WINDOWS: Microsoft has made it very smooth for a beginner to put in a very new OS on a newly formatted partition. It is all wizard based and you virtually need to click NEXT on every occasion on every occasion requested a question. Boot up your pc from the Windows CD and select Start with CD Option. When on DOS activate, alternate to the CD Drive that it just created that is normally d: if you have only one partition C. Now kind command setup.Exe to begin the home windows installation method.

During set up, ensure you nicely name your PC as in step with your choices and choose your areas and Time sector. When finished, the pc will re-boot and at some point in subsequent re-boot, it may ask a few drivers of your Sound Card, VGA, Network, or other devices connected. Provide the needful motive force CDs and discover the trails of the proper drivers. If you are not positive, leave it like that and press NEXT to ignore. When your home windows set up is entire, you can deploy Microsoft Office, set up internet connection and begin the use of it as usually as you would. Please ensure you put in all the protection software which include anti-virus, anti-spyware, spyware, and different software program as cited in the next section.

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