The 10 best Android apps for Chromebooks

Running Android apps on Chromebooks remains a dream—a dream in prolonged beta, that is. After promising the function earlier this yr, Google has driven out the release date. While a select range of Chromebooks can get admission to Google Play right out of the box, extra adventurous Chromebook customers will want to run the developer beta of Chrome OS to revel in Android apps. After spending time with some of the Android apps that have emerged as Chrome-friendly, I, without a doubt, select some Android variations on Chrome over the net-primarily based versions, as mobile apps may be refreshingly easy and uncluttered.

Android apps

To get into the beta channel, go to your Chromebook’s Settings web page and click About Chrome OS. Next, click Detailed construct statistics, then click on Change Channel. There, you could transfer from the strong channel to the beta channel. However, it would help if you steered clear of the developer channel as to be risky sincerely. The 10 Android apps underneath constitute how suitable it could be on Chrome as soon as the entirety becomes authentic. Just keep in mind, this is a beta software program, so tread carefully. If things go awry, you could always cross again to solid channel or Powerwash your Chromebook and begin over.


Microsoft Outlook

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Sure, Gmail is fantastic and all, however like many, you would possibly have an Office 365 e-mail cop assigned by way of your employer. If that’s the case, you’ll want to grab the Microsoft Outlook Android software in your Chromebook. Unlike the web app, you can use Outlook to manipulate a couple of bills and get entry to your messages offline. It even handles Gmail bills in case you need to use Outlook as your all-in-one email software.

Newton Mail

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Perhaps you need to increase the talents of your e-mail app by connecting it to your favorite offerings. Newton Mail (formerly CloudMagic) has numerous built-in plugins for common offerings like Trello, Todoist, OneNote, and Salesforce. You can quickly zap emails over to the one’s apps with just more than one taps. Newton Mail is smooth and works nicely, but don’t get too attached unless you want to pay the $50-in keeping the with-yr charge for full get entry to.

Microsoft Office

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Microsoft has absolutely embraced Android, bringing Word, Excel, PowerPoint, and different key Office apps to Android. S. One caveat: Office isn’t but optimized for all Chromebooks with the Play Store, including the Asus Chromebook Flip I use. Check the Play Store to peer if the Office apps will work together with your particular tool.



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If you collaborate with colleagues online, odds are you do it thru Slack. The provider has grown right away, and if you’re a freelancer or have numerous customers, it’s smooth to end up in a ton of Slack channels. That’s in which the Android Slack app is available. With it, you’re in a position to hook up with all of your exclusive teams and manage your conversations tons as you will with the computing device version. It’s far greater capable and beneficial than just walking Slack in the browser.

Mozilla Firefox

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The concept of strolling any other browser on something known as a Chromebook may appear a little bizarre. But trying a different browser may be useful if a web page isn’t loading properly in Chrome; otherwise, you’re checking out how your own website performs. Grab Firefox for Android. Chrome is still the first-class enjoy, but the presence of Firefox indicates how there is nevertheless room for innovation in net-browsing on a Chromebook.


  • Evernote
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Evernote stays a famous productivity platform that helps you take notes, clip internet pages, and arrange different content into a series of notebooks. The Evernote Android app is any other suitable contender for Chromebooks, with an easy interface and maximum gear you’re already used to from the computer version.


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Skype is one of the few messaging platforms. This is genuinely accepted. While you could get admission to it via the web or Outlook.Com, Skype for Android is on hand to have a dedicated software on Chrome OS. The Android interface remains steady with Windows and Mac so that you can hop over for your conversations without any troubles. If you actually need to live on the threshold, you could try out the Skype Preview model to get the present-day features first.


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Many Chromebooks provide touchscreens, and some, like the Samsung Chromebooks Plus and Pro, encompass a stylus. If you’ve got one of these, snatch Squid. It’s one of the high-quality apps for providing a paper-like revel in, with backgrounds that might be beneficial for math equations, observe-taking, or widespread example. If OneNote or Evernote don’t do it for you, really give this one a strive.

Adobe Sketchbook

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Another suitable app for the pen is Adobe Sketchbook. This is for human beings with actual drawing expertise because the software offers some state-of-the-art tools. It’s every other right choice if you want to attempt out what you may do with a stylus for your Chromebook, from work tasks to casual doodling.

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