Twitter on Android automatically enters ‘night mode’ after dark

Twitter on Android automatically enters 'night mode' after dark 1

Twitter introduced a “night time mode” choice almost 12 months in the past that ditched a massive white background for a huge darkish historical past, so customers should nocturnally scroll without maintaining themselves wide awake. But the only component higher than manually switching to the attention-saving mild is having your smartphone do it for you. The brand new version of the Android Twitter app, 7.2, automatically turns “night time mode” on after darkish. You can still set it to manual toggle; however, if you switch it to computerized manage, the app will flip “night time mode” on at sunset and stale at sunrise. Tragically, it seems that the darkish subject has been disabled, but such is the cost of development. The function stays on Android as of the Twitter app’s version 7.2, released today, but that edition hasn’t reached iOS yet.

Why Should You Invest in Android Apps?

Cellular software is icing on the cake for the person to revel in, whilst calls and text messages are the foremost capabilities of a cell device. Nevertheless, an app can grow to be the topmost priority for someone if it’s miles enticing enough. A cellular software can create emblem loyalty and assist you from falling behind inside the aggressive market. As a reality, the customers want their favored manufacturers and agencies to increase their own cell packages for a custom-designed user enjoy. The Mobile application development in India has become an extreme commercial enterprise as there is a growing urge to expand and layout cellular packages.


A cellular software is a high-quality advertising and conversation device for any commercial enterprise/business enterprise in a cheaper manner. Keeping in thoughts, the significance of cellular software and its usability, you may either pick out Android or iOS. Before you develop your app, it is beneficial to do market research at the Android and iPhone app development companies in town to locate the right developer for you. All maximum each entrepreneur may stumble upon this question: Android or iOS? Both the structures have their own professionals and cons. Based on your requirements, pick the right platform for your app. The inexperienced robotic human is understood for its beneficial features, affordability, and smartphone fragmentation. Unlike Apple, Android has a wide variety of gadgets, making it the topmost precedence in app development. Wait! This isn’t always the handiest motive to select Android. There are greater blessings in developing an Android app. Here’s why:

Android dominates the Indian telephone market.

According to a current survey, the Android running gadget has captured 97 percent of the Indian telephone market. Currently, India stands as the arena’s 1/3 largest cellphone marketplace after China and the USA. Android is the best marketplace that can offer superb features at a low-cost rate for an intensive cellular device range. To place it, in reality, any average Indian patron should buy an Android phone inside his/her favored finances. Due to the market segmentation and affordability, Android still keeps dominating the Indian cellphone marketplace percentage.

Android offers low barriers to access


The iOS app development businesses should require a Mac desktop to increase the iOS apps. On the alternative hand, Android app development can be performed on Windows, Linux, or Mac. Moreover, Google charges a one-time charge of $25 to sign in as a developer while Apple fees $ninety-nine annually. For an Android app improvement, all you want is a device and a rate of $25 to begin your improvement manner.

Android apps are advanced by the use of JAVA.

Java is verified to be the most powerful programming language and used for growing a wide range of devices. It is open-source, which provides unfastened supply code from its Java Development Kit (JDK) to the developers. The added advantage is that it can run on any gadget, no matter the hardware and software program dependency. This powerful programming language is used for developing native Android apps. As Android apps are written using the Java programming language, they could be easily ported to different platforms like Symbian, Blackberry, Ubuntu, and Chrome OS.

Android is the first-rate at customization.

Are you tired of the identical antique widgets? Chill! Download a widget from a third birthday party app and update it together with your inventory one. Bored of the same layout? You can download and update it too. Android allows you to personalize your app the way you want it – that is the most motive why developers love developing apps on Android than some other platforms.

Android presents the appropriate platform.

In the quick-developing app market, the capability to evolve quickly does remember plenty. Android’s Google Play Store allows you to replace the app within an hour in response to the user’s remarks, while the App Store follows the identical lengthy technique to put up your app. You can post the same app for multiple instances at the Play Store whilst you may need at least a week to release your updated app at the App Store. Besides the multiple uploads, it also gives Alpha and Beta releases that can be accessed through a fixed of contributors to check your app. Based on the testers’ feedback, you could rectify the mistakes and/or contain some features earlier than it reaches the real customers. Thus, Android provides the correct platform to check your app.

Android is worthwhile

Yes! You heard it properly. The well-known assumption is that iPhone user are rich in making in-app purchases, thereby generating more revenue than Android. But this isn’t always authentic anymore. Android developers can generate sales thru preliminary app purchases, in-app purchases, and maximum worthwhile way-app ads. According to a survey with DAU-UP aid, the common sales per user for Android video games changed to simply 20% through January 2010. Surprisingly, it has reached 65% through the yr cease. Moreover, the advertising price is 20-50% lower on Android apps, which can ultimately be greater profitable than the iPhone apps. Now that you are aware of the benefits of investing in the Android app, you can expand your app on this most promising platform to live in advance in this aggressive market. Due to its usability and affordability, Android nevertheless stays unbeatable and keeps to rule the telephone marketplace. Remember, growing an Android app isn’t a price. It’s funding!

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